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Equity and fair treatment in the workplace, housing, education, and beyond remains an enduring battle. When individuals face racial discrimination, they are not only subjected to unjust, illegal, immoral, and entirely un-American treatment, but also have to grapple with emotional distress, financial setbacks, and damage to their personal and professional reputation in the aftermath. In the face of such unacceptable conduct, it’s vital to have a strong legal advocate who knows how to successfully navigate the appeals process, and who has a steadfast commitment to justice. At The Keleher Appellate Law Group, we specialize in post-trial and appellate advocacy, leveraging our knowledge, experience, and expertise to champion the rights of those who have suffered unfair treatment on the basis of their race. 

If you or a loved one have suffered racial discrimination and failed to see justice, accountability, and change on the trial level, trust The Keleher Appellate Law Group to fight relentlessly for the best possible outcome. Our team, led by Attorney Christopher Keleher, stands ready to deliver strategic and zealous representation, tailored to your unique circumstances, needs, and goals. When you choose The Keleher Appellate Law Group, you’re partnering with an experienced advocate who will collaborate with you to assess the merits of your case and chart the best path forward, safeguarding your rights and protecting your interests every step of the way.

Understanding Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination can take on many forms, from overt acts of bigotry to subtle biases that permeate everyday life. It can manifest in workplace harassment, hiring decisions, pay disparities, denial of housing, unequal treatment in education, and increased scrutiny from law enforcement – among countless other contexts. Despite rigid legal protections against racial discrimination at the state and federal level, individuals continue to face barriers to equity, fair treatment, and opportunity due to the systemic racism enshrined in American society and implicit biases. 

The consequences of racial discrimination extend well beyond the immediate harm inflicted on individuals. Racial discrimination perpetuates cycles of inequality, limits economic mobility, and erodes trust in institutions, including the legal system that failed you on a trial level. By challenging racial discrimination through appellate advocacy, individuals not only stand up to unfair treatment and demand justice for themselves, but also play a pivotal role in the broader fight for equity and social justice, and that’s where The Keleher Appellate Law Group can help.

Navigating Racial Discrimination Appeals

Appealing decisions in racial discrimination cases requires an experienced, nuanced, and multi-faceted approach. Unlike cases at the trial level, appellate courts primarily review lower court decisions for legal errors, procedural irregularities, and instances where constitutional rights have been violated rather than re-examining the evidence presented at trial. That’s why appellate advocacy requires a comprehensive understanding of appellate procedure and substantive law. However, it’s still critical that your attorney understands not only the state and federal laws and procedures at play but also the unique facts and circumstances of your case. The Keleher Appellate Law Group wants to hear your story and empower you to speak your truth. Successfully appealing a racial discrimination case demands a thorough understanding of appellate law and procedure, persuasive advocacy skills, and a deep commitment to upholding civil rights.

The skilled and seasoned appellate legal team at The Keleher Appellate Law Group has the legal acumen, practical experience, and attention to detail necessary to strategize, craft, and present persuasive arguments that resonate with appellate judges. We are prepared to leverage our comprehensive understanding of legal principles, our meticulous and thorough work ethic, and our persuasive advocacy skills to present your case for appeal in the best possible light. With Attorney Christopher Keleher at the lead and a skilled and seasoned team behind him, we bring a proven track record of success in navigating the appeals process and advocating for the rights of victims of racial discrimination to the table. We understand that every case is unique, and every appeal should be treated as such, so we approach racial discrimination appeal cases with the meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking it deserves.

Why You Need an Appellate Attorney for Racial Discrimination Appeals

Appealing an unfavorable decision in a racial discrimination case in state or federal court is a challenging and complex endeavor. Appellate procedure is wildly different from the trial court level, with countless rules, regulations, and customs to understand. Many attorneys who are well-versed in trial court level procedure simply aren’t equipped to successfully challenge and win a case on appeal. Second chances, especially in the law, aren’t easy to come by, so don’t gamble your second chance on someone who doesn’t have the experience or confidence to handle an appeal. That’s why you need the expertise of a skilled and seasoned attorney who has dedicated an entire practice to appellate advocacy.

What sets The Keleher Appellate Law Group apart is our extensive experience, comprehensive understanding of appellate procedure, and thorough mastery of Illinois state and federal substantive law. Our experienced legal team, led by Attorney Christopher Keleher, has honed their skills through years of experience specializing in post-trial and appellate practice, allowing us to meticulously analyze your case to find any and every ground for appeal, craft a compelling argument for an appeal, and advocate zealously on your behalf. Our team understands the profound and devastating toll that racial discrimination takes on victims and their loved ones and is committed to fighting tirelessly to demand justice, accountability, change, and results.

We are committed to providing top-notch legal advocacy and personalized representation to every client who trusts us with their appeal. We have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities, nuances, and challenges associated with racial discrimination appeals and stand ready to champion your rights and fight relentlessly to reach the best possible outcome.

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