“Schedule A” cases are often filed in the Northern District of Illinois. These lawsuits target online retailers accused of selling counterfeit or infringing products. Plaintiffs bringing such suits will then request online marketplace platforms such as Amazon or eBay to lift asset restraints once settlements are reached.

When facing a Schedule A lawsuit, it is imperative to move quickly. The median time to injunctive relief is 11 days for a temporary restraining order, 42 days for a preliminary injunction order, and 105 days for a permanent injunction order.

While we have litigated dozens of Schedule A cases, we also have substantial experience to help you avoid such litigation. We have successfully negotiated thousands of Schedule A cases and further secured licenses for intellectual property that have avoided costly litigation and allowed our online retailer clients to flourish. If you are an online retailer wrongly accused of infringement, we can help. If your Amazon, eBay, or other platform account has been frozen due to alleged intellectual property infringement, securing a knowledgeable and experienced intellectual property defense practitioner should be your first step. Look to us to settle your case, unfreeze your accounts, and get you back in business.