The Keleher Appellate Law Group also practices copyright/trademark litigation. A trademark is a word or logo which identifies the source of goods or services. Trademarks act to distinguish goods from the goods of competitors. Over time‚ trademarks tend to establish consumer goodwill based on quality. 

If you are defending your products against an accusation of copyright or trademark infringement by another company, we have years of intellectual property litigation experience to help you protect your business assets and achieve your business goals. If a third party accuses you of intellectual property infringement, we can evaluate the charges and provide you with a clear assessment of the strength of their accusation. If necessary, we will litigate. We have represented defendants in federal infringement cases and achieved wins thanks to our reputable trademark and copyright defense expertise. 

We also have substantial experience to help you avoid litigation. We have successfully negotiated hundreds of infringement cases and further secured licenses for intellectual property that have avoided costly litigation and allowed our online retailer clients to flourish. If you are an online retailer wrongly accused of infringement, we can help. If your Amazon, eBay, or other platform account has been frozen due to alleged intellectual property infringement, securing a knowledgeable and experienced intellectual property defense practitioner should be your first step. Look to us to settle your case, unfreeze your accounts, and get you back in business.

Why The Keleher Appellate Law Group?

Intellectual property litigation demands precision, astute legal understanding, and the ability to navigate complex business disputes. They involve in-depth legal research, persuasive writing, and an understanding of how to quickly resolve a case so your business can continue operating. These cases are more than just lawsuits; they have a real impact on your livelihood. We understand these stakes and are committed to providing high-quality representation. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you, turning the complexities into a path toward justice and resolution. Contact our experienced IP defense firm.

The Keleher Appellate Group is your premier choice for intellectual property litigation, serving clients in Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Colorado. We also provide our services nationwide and internationally.