All around exceptional attorney

I hired Chris to handle a civil appeal on my behalf following an unsuccessful bench trial I was a party to in Cook County of which involved premises liability and other issues. In working with him closely over the last year and half on my appeal, I can honestly say that he is a terrific writer and legal researcher, and an all around exceptional attorney. I have also appreciated his receptiveness to hearing my input and suggestions when applicable, and he is always diligent in returning emails/phone calls. Frankly, he’s gone above and beyond for me in what is a very technical case involving numerous parties and issues up for appeal, and has also willingly appeared on my behalf for post-trial proceedings of which were made even more complicated by errors committed by former trial counsel and even the county clerk’s office. Virtually all litigants hope that their case is successful the first time around and can avoid an appellate process, but in those situations where an appeal is inevitable, Chris is exactly the attorney you want to represent you.

— F.M.
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