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This week, I obtained a win for my clients in a trademark infringement lawsuit. My clients were three established online retailers sued for trademark infringement in the Northern District of Illinois, Bestway Inflatables v. Corporations Identified on Schedule A. The defendants faced substantial statutory damages in excess of $100,000 if the district court found them liable for willful infringement. I filed a motion to dissolve the preliminary injunction entered against them and unfreeze their bank accounts. The plaintiff agreed to dismiss my clients from the case entirely and unfreeze their accounts, an important and gratifying resolution for online retailers improperly accused of trademark infringement.

About the Author
Christopher Keleher clerked for the Hon. William J. Bauer of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  This unique opportunity provided Mr. Keleher with an invaluable understanding of the inner workings of an appellate court.  He saw what persuades judges and what does not, and utilizes this knowledge every time he writes an appellate brief. The Keleher Appellate Law Group handles all phases of appellate litigation in federal and state courts across the country. Read more here.